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I've been checking out the SSP218 and noticed that the amplification and price have changed.

What's up on that?
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Hey Greg,

Fantastic question. Here at BASSBOSS, we are constantly striving to locate and utilize the newest, best components and technologies available. We focus on creating the highest performance, best value products on the market. One way we do that is to incorporate new technologies and developments as rapidly as possible, bringing better products and better value to our customers at every opportunity. 

For the SSP218, the best and most cost-effective amplification in the past was a single 6000 watt amplifier which powered two cabinets. Powering four drivers with one amplifier allowed us to deliver massive power at a very competitive price, averaging just $1950.00 per powered 18" woofer. Recently a new amplifier/DSP combination was developed that reduced the cost of the individual amplifiers. This allows us to power each box independently and increase the total amplification power while keeping the overall price very nearly the same. The power has increased from 1500W to 2000W per woofer and the average cost is now just $1997.50 per powered 18" woofer. That's a 1000W upgrade for less than $50 per box! 

There are two differences between the old amplifier and the new ones. First is the DSP, which has been updated to a new chip with greater flexibility in programming and control options. The second is operating voltage. The previous amps could operate on 240V power where the new one will only run on 120V power. The 240V option will still be available for those who want it but for most of our mobile customers, 240V power is rarely available. When 120V power is all that's available, these new amplifiers will deliver more power and better performance. This new amplifier also offers the option to purchase a single powered subwoofer at a lower price because you don't have to buy the power for 2 boxes when you buy one. 

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