Thanks for all the interest in our car sub! In order to get you what you really want, we need to know what you really want...

We're working on 18" and a 21" car sub because they offer much more displacement to achieve high SPL at low frequencies. There are plenty of smaller alternatives but not too many options for big drivers. Are 18" and 21" drivers too big for your car?

Would you rather buy the driver and amp and build your own box from our design? Or would you rather buy the whole package ready to go?

For the whole package deals, we need to know what vehicle you'll want to put it in. There are many shops around the country that can build boxes, too. Would you like to have the box built for you customized for your car?

These drivers, amps and boxes aren't cheap, so consider how much you're willing to spend. What is a budget for your ideal car sub?

BASSBOSS subs are designed to deliver massive output for extended periods. We do this by managing the combination of cabinet, power, processing and driver. This ensures reliability for the long term. To maintain this pattern of performance in the car audio market, we have to design a system of components and electronics that meet our requirements.

We are currently testing drivers that offer outstanding performance at high power levels and operate in relatively small enclosures. We are researching amplification options that can take advantage of the properties of these drivers. We are also working on integrating the proprietary BASSBOSS processing into the amplifiers. This takes time, so we want to take the time to get it right and we want you to tell us what's right for you.

It's a lot of fun to have a system that can do extreme sound pressure levels, I know this from experience. What the BASSBOSS system is intended to do is allow you to get the SPL you want, for as long as you want, without having to worry about blowing your drivers or overheating your amp or melting your alternator. In other words, to crank it for as long as you can stand it. It won't be built just for showing off, it will be built for listening to music whenever and for as long as you're in your car (and wearing your hearing protection!)

So tell us if we're on the right track here. Tell us if there's anything you wish a car sub could do that it doesn't. What do you love? What drives you crazy? Tell us what YOU want and we'll do what we do to make it possible.

David Lee
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I saw this post a while back and thought i would try to get the proverbial ball rolling. Everything here is my opinion and i don't pretend to know what I'm talking about. I am a professional amateur in car audio so i thought i would just start typing and see what i came up with. :-P

Well this is indeed an interesting venture. Myself personally it used to be about SPL. I used to love seeing my windshield flex. I was a fan of sealed boxes with 10s. My last set of subs were 2 Polk Audio 10 inch SR Dual Voice Coil 4 ohms per coil. I would wire them down to one ohm and have them hooked to a Memphis Audio "1000W" amplifier (at 1ohm when hit by lightening for one second at 10 khz, i know i know :-P ).

I currently own a 2015 Jeep Cherokee limited with the premium sound system. 9 speakers + 1 8"" (?) Sub. For me at my current age i feel is ALMOST adequate. I wish it went a little lower and punched a bit harder. Most of the bass is produced by the 6x9s in the doors. So The system in general does sound a bit muddy and not as defined. One of the reasons i like the factory sub location is because its out of the way and adds a bit to the audio while not being in the way when loading up for a gig.

There is a guy i used to follow on YouTube. Definitely knows his stuff when it comes to car audio and sub woofers. In one video he made a T-Line box with a 6inch "sub" that, in the video, had people thinking he had a set of 12s or a 15s
in the back. This was in an SUV. but it was as long as the car was wide and as wide as the 6 inch sub and maybe 1 ft deep? I thought it was pretty impressive.

An all in one plug in and go system is nice because when needing to be moved you can just unhook and stow cables safely and load up and take off. However on the other hand, having the system separate and mounted discreetly allows you to take the bump with you no matter what your hauling in your vehicle.

For me its sound quality, and deeep. mid-bass is ok, but when the wind starts moving is where bass gets fun. Factory location would be ideal but of course would probably be an engineering nightmare. If i could fix my Polk Audio SR 10s (the leads broke off both from the terminal and from the cone, haven't really found a place local or within driving distance that can or will fix them properly.) Ive even thought about just replacing the sub with something similar but a bit more sensitive.

The guys YouTube channel and website i mentioned above, in case you wanted to check him or his designs out or contact him is:


Warning, a lot of his videos on YouTube are vlogs of daily life....

Gear List: 2x AT212 | 2x DV12 | 2 DV8 | 4x ZV28 | 2x VS21
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Hey Aaron,

Thanks for this great info! David Lee has been busy designing a whole raft of new pro subs and hasn't had a chance to delve into this as yet... stay tuned for some exciting new developments!

More soon,

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