Hi there
   we are about to receive 2 VS21s and 2 DV12s and will be using this system at a variety of indoor and outdoor events.

What is your take on using PA management (LMS) systems, such as the dbx Venu360 or equivalent, to help dial in space acoustics and EQ? Given the sophisticated DSPs in the Bassboss speakers themselves, do you generally recommend against using a third party product to manage speaker cross overs? If you recommend PA/LMS units, are there specific products that have worked well with Bassboss speakers?

We are concerned about adding one more AD/DA transition to our signal path, but want to ensure we maximize audio fidelity for the varying spaces we will be using the system in

Thank you for your help and insights!
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David Lee
Hey Sebastian,

Welcome to the BASSBOSS Family! [love]

We do recommend against using additional processing as the speakers are highly optimized and the tops and subs are coherent with the included processing. 

Adding another set of high pass or low pass filters will cause significant deterioration of sound quality. Customers who used to use outboard processors on their previous equipment report that they definitely didn’t need them with their BASSBOSS systems, and if they did insert them into the signal chain, that the sound improved significantly when they eliminated them.

BASSBOSS Loudspeakers are designed to be plug and play, so inserting anything into the chain is not going to make them better... [biggrin]
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