Would the LA88 & ZV28 work well together with the LA88 in satellite mode? I ask this because the specs for the LA88 show them working from 100Hz upwards in satellite mode and the ZV28 being 3dB down @ 90Hz. I know there is a difference between electrical & acoustic crossover points - just wondering if there would ever be a gap or dip in the system response using these two cabs. (I have  seen the video for a standalone LA88 - most impressive bass for a couple of small drivers!)

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BASSBOSS - David Lee

Yes! The LA88 and ZV28 work extremely well together. The specified crossover points are acoustical for each of the loudspeakers but the two systems sum in phase through that 10Hz difference and there is no dip in the response related to their individual crossover frequencies.

Crossovers are slopes, not absolute cut-offs, so with a specified -3dB point of 80Hz on one side and 100Hz on the other side, there is still a great deal of overlap happening. In other words, both systems are producing energy above and below their respective -3dB cut-off frequencies and, with BASSBOSS systems, that energy is in-phase.

If the two systems were not phase-aligned through the crossover region, there would be a large dip in response, but because they are summing in phase as they pass beyond their -3dB frequencies, their combined energy produces a flat response. 

The gain of the subwoofers relative to the arrays will shift the effective crossover point, which is where both systems contribute equal amounts of energy to the sum total. If the subwoofers are run at a higher gain level than the tops, the effective crossover point is shifted higher in frequency.

Matching crossover frequencies and then adding gain to the low frequency section causes many systems to sound excessively boomy with too much energy being produced in the overlap region. Matching crossover frequencies without getting the phase alignment right causes many system to have a hole in the response through the overlap region and this is a problem that adding more gain to the LF section can't solve. BASSBOSS Systems are designed and aligned to work together.

Even if the two systems, sub and top, are phase-aligned, the physical proximity of the subwoofers to the arrays will have an influence on the combined response of the two, at a given distance, that is more significant than their relative crossover frequencies. Separating the subs from the tops will result in a dip in response somewhere in the listening area. Where that dip occurs is influenced by the placement and can be shifted using delay.

Ultimately the point is that the phase alignment, the relative gain and the relative proximity of the two systems will have a much greater influence on overall system response than a 10Hz difference between their -3dB points, and that we build all our loudspeakers to be used together to produce coherent full-range response regardless of the independent specifications of the individual products. The processing in the speakers provides settings for mixing almost any combination of sub and top to achieve the best possible result. 

To that end, the LA88 has multiple presets, only one of which is a satellite mode with-3dB at 100Hz. The others offer output to 80, 60 and 40Hz, each of which has slightly lower peak output capacity but present alternate benefits in trade.  

Please let me know if you have any questions and sorry it took a while to respond...
David Lee

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