Here is the rundown on our old system (small and large)

and for context, we are a live band (top 40, dance, pop, RnB, funk) that also plays processed music on our breaks. We like to play LOUD and we like to really feel it. 

(2) JBL SRX 715 <for our tops for our regular small setup>

(4) JBL SR4733x <for our tops for our rare large event outdoors>

(6) JBL SR4719x <for our bottoms for both small and large events>
- we used two for the small system and all six for the large system

We used this setup with :
(3) Crown iTech 8000 
  • One used for Tops (for small and large system)
  • Two used for (4) of the 4719 boxes
(2) Crown iTech 4000 
  • One used for the outside tops for larger system (4733)
  • One used for the other two 4719 boxes
DBX crossover

We recently, after exhaustive research, settled and tried the SSP118mk2. We got two of them to try to see if they could replace the dual 18" 4719 boxes we used for our small system. So far after just 1 gig they are magical...especially being able to get rid of the size, weight, and amp rack. We are still testing further to see how they perform in larger open rooms, but we have yet to clip the amp...and there seems to be considerable more bass in regions we didn't feel before. So we are happy to say (for now) that these two single 18 boxes of yours have replaced the two dual cabs.

Question for the larger system for events, outdoor use, etc..
We need to replace what we have, preferably with something that requires less setup and if possible also outperforms what we have with ease. What would you say you offer to be able to completely replace that amp rack with those SIX 4719x bottoms and the FOUR 4733x tops? Would you recommend supplementing the two ssp118 that we currently have with 2 more, or maybe 2 VS21? or should we have an entirely different setup? 

We are also starting to consider your DV12 for our smaller system because getting rid of the amps in a rack is just so much easier setup and teardown.
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David Lee

Hi Patrick,

Based on these specific criteria, I would suggest 2 x VS21 with 2 x DV12 (in arrays) per side for the bigger shows, with half that for the smaller shows. You could keep the SSP118s for center fill subs, drum monitors,  small rooms and tight spaces or switch to all VS21s instead. You'll want 2 x K&M ring-lock poles to start and 2 x stack brackets when the second DV12s are added.  Not only does this give you a very powerful system at full scale, it also gives you 2 complete small systems when you don't need to go big. This can provide nice flexibility for doing 2 rooms, or even renting out the second rig if you ever wanted to do that. The coverage of the DV12s is very wide, at 120 degrees, and when they are paired they focus energy at greater distance than constant-curvature, quasi-line-arrays like JBL VRX or QSC KLA. 

The other option that could work for you, but would cost a little more, would be to get a total of 6 SSP118s. (With the four DV12s) This offers the option to stack all 3 subs to elevate your tops and gives you more placement options. The output will be close to 4 x VS21s (and more than the 3 JBL 4719s) and you get the added benefit of being able to do a proper cardioid array with 3-high (or 3 wide) SSP118s. 

Let us know if you have any other questions...  Thanks!
David Lee

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