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I'd like to know how the BASSBOSS subs compare for output, size, and frequency range with the Yorkville LS801P and LS2100P and the QSC KW181.
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BASSBOSS - David Lee
Below you will see a chart with a bunch of squiggly lines. These lines represent the maximum output levels achieved by various loudspeakers between 20Hz and 200Hz.

You'll see that the loudest speaker measured in this set is the Yorkville LS801P, but you will also see that it is loudest only between 60Hz and 90 Hz. Below 60Hz the BASSBOSS SSP118 is louder, and by a larger margin. The LS801P is only 1.3dB louder than the SSP118 and the peak output of the LS801P is up at 70Hz whereas the peak of the SSP118 is at 55Hz.  The SSP118 crushes the bigger, heavier LS801P by 9dB from 30Hz to 40 Hz and is still 6dB louder at 50 Hz.

You will also see that the BASSBOSS ZV18 is the loudest speaker below 38Hz and at 30Hz it is louder than the nearest competitor by 6dB, the equivalent output of two of Yorkville's enormous LS2100Ps.  The LS2100P is only louder than the BASSBOSS ZV18 between 40 and 50Hz and there only by about 2dB. The weight comparison required to get this deep-bass performance is 406lbs to 160 lbs.  The two boxes are nearly the same size, the LS2100P is 1.7 cubic feet bigger, so the difference in size to output is 2:1 at 30 Hz. So the ZV18 is smaller than the LS2100P, it's lighter than the LS2100P and it delivers the deep-bass output of TWO LS2100Ps. What's it worth to not have to carry around nearly 250 lbs more weight and double the size of boxes to get the same amount of deep bass?

And if you want something that will match the low-bass performance of the LS2100P down low and beat it from 43Hz up in a much smaller, lighter enclosure, you'll notice that the SSP118 offers more output than the massive LS2100P for just a few dollars more.

The green line is the Yorkville Parasource 18S. It appears that the limiters in the Parasoutce keep the response from peaking but they also keep the box from reaching above 122.5dB.  Not a bad looking graph but not a very powerful speaker and not much low bass at all.

The yellow line is the QSC KW181, which does quite well for its size and has good limiter processing to keep things under control. In my opinion, the LS801P, the Parasource 18S and the KW181 don't really qualify as subwoofers. They're more like sup-woofers. Supplementary woofers. Output that's added to your woofers but not below the woofers, not really sub-woofers.

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