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I see you warrant the woofers in your subs for two years, including the voice coils. I've blown woofers in every sub I've ever owned and generally they were not covered by warranty.

Wondering why that's the case?

thanks for your answer,

Jose R.
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Due to our extensive testing, tuning, technological innovations and signal processing, we have developed products that don't suffer from blown drivers. Because drivers are moving parts, things will still go wrong, and we've had drivers that failed for a variety of mechanical and technological reasons. This is unavoidable.

However, BASSBOSS subwoofers do not blow drivers when used correctly, unlike many other manufacturers. We don't believe in products that have potential failures built into them, and have designed around those limitations, so you can feel comfortable pushing your BASSBOSS subs hard without fearing the dreaded blown driver.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.
David Lee
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