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I’m looking to order quality extension cords for an upcoming event and found some nice products from SouthernWire. They offer SJOOW Extension cords.

My questions is will 100 feet of 12/3 deliver good voltage for 2x 2400W BassBoss subs?

How far would 12/3 be useful until it’s worth upgrading to 10/3? Romex feeding the outlet is only so thick

Can BassBoss make some thick long SHOOW or SOOW extension cords for me?

anyone ever use ProLock extension cords?:
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David Lee

At 100’ lengths you can expect a 6.5V (5.4%) drop using 12 gauge wire and a 4.1v (3.4%) drop using 10 gauge. The difference in current draw will be approximately 1A per subwoofer if the voltage remains stable during power peaks. The 10 gauge is better but not by a large margin, so consider the price. 

The amplifiers will limit their output if the line voltage drops and there isn’t enough current available to deliver full power. (They will indicate they are limiting by flashing the red LED 6 times.) They do this rather than cut off or trip breakers but bad wiring/contacts or a breaker in poor condition could still cause the circuit to trip. Unfortunately nicer extension cords can’t fix upstream problems. 

SOOW has more insulation but not more copper than SJOOW, so its heavier and bulkier (.59” vs .43” diameters for 12 gauge) and is rated for higher voltage (600V vs 300V) however it apparently doesn't offer transmission improvements at 120V.  Personally I would go with SJOOW cables, especially at 100’ lengths. I also prefer the black rubber SJOOW jacketed cables for production work. They roll up well, (provided you use the correct rolling technique), they lie flat and they are a lot less noticeable/easier to hide. 


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BASSBOSS Questions

Can BassBoss make some thick long SHOOW or SOOW extension cords for me?

Just so you know we don't actually do custom power cables. Doubtful we could offer them cheaper than market prices. Shop around and you'll find something good!
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