Mahmood kasi
how they will perform to each other
do 21 stand against jbl srx828 in mid basses
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Glen Allan

Hey Mahmood!

It's interesting that you are asking about mid-bass, as from what it looks like based on JBLs published specs that is about all it would be good at. Most of the power the SRX828S has looks to be from about 50 to 80Hz with a pretty steep drop off after that in either direction. This would also be where their 141dB Max output would be focused as well. The BASSBOSS DJ21S doesn't suffer this kind of frequency drop off and is relatively flat from about 26 to 90Hz, with power at full through that whole range at about 132dB sustained, or since the industry likes to publish theoretical specs, 139dB "Peak", or max. Again, through this whole range, not just in the mids.

To be fair however, the DJ21S is designed to go very low, very loud. If you are doing rock or similar types of music, you could be served better by our SSP118 or 218 if you want the most power out of your mids. In general, the BASSBOSS philosophy is to give you deep bass.

Another important consideration is that the DJ21S, SSP subs and all BASSBOSS subs are complete systems which are fully powered, limited, and protected with all tuning done by David Lee for the best performance possible. The JBL SRX828 is not, being a passive box, which will require proper processing and amplification by you. Or you could get the powered version with a 2000 watt peak output (the DJ21s has 2400 watt RMS).  With BASSBOSS subs you'll have the guarantee of a very reliable system which is virtually impossible to damage with all programming and processing tuned to its exact setup.

So, the JBL does look to be a kick bin which is pretty focused on the mids. But that's all it looks to be good at. The BASSBOSS DJ21S is driven with over twice the power and can output all of that power over a much wider frequency band and go quite a bit lower, all while being a part of a bulletproof and fully protected system.

David has talked of the SRX828 in comparison with the BASSBOSS SSP118. Really these JBLs are better compared to either the SSP118 or SSP218, both which are more focused in the mid bass than the DJ21. You might want to reference that post to read up on his analysis on the SRX828. He goes in depth of his diagnosis of that box and where it is good and bad. Click here to go to that post.

If you have more questions i'll do what i can to answer or find out more.

Glen Allan

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