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When running the ZV28 x 2 and one in cardioid mode, do i need to add delay myself, or is the delay added already? Assuming i stack them.

I read the article on your site, but didn't see if the top or bottom one should be facing the stage as well.

Additionally, does it matter for cardioid if they are fed mono or stereo output? I usually hook up left output to ZV28 > DV12 and right to ZV28 > DV12 - Mixer sends stereo signal.

Thanks 😁
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David Lee

The delay is included. The ideal setup is for two boxes facing forward and one facing backward, so when using only 2 boxes, lower the gain on the reversed box by ~6 clicks. (The correct amount is when it’s quietest behind the stack because the environment can cause variations.) 


The boxes can be stacked or can be side-by-side. If you use only 2 boxes, either can be reversed but it’s usually the upper one people choose. The cardioid function will work best with identical signals to both boxes but it will still work if you send left to one and right to the other provided the program material has the essentially the same bass information in both channels.


The images in that article show the standard setup with the bottom box facing the audience:




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