I am trying to make a decision on purchasing either a pair of Bassboss VS21 subs and DV12 for tops -or- Danley Sound Labs TH118XL subwoofers and SM80 for tops.  The Danley products get a lot of praise on the Pro Sound Web forums as being a formidable system to build upon.  I already have a pair of Bassboss SSP118s and I am impressed with their output, however, found myself still wanting "more" when pushing my drum mix and bass guitar at a recent gig (we use no amps or wedge mixes onstage).  There seemed to be a point when pushing the fader level that the system was just not wanting to give more but never reached a point of distortion or over excursion.

Prior to making my system more compact and efficient, I was using a pair of dual 18" JBL SR4719X subs powered by an iTech 8000 that seemed to be just "ok" but a pain to lug around when doing lots os ballrooms, through kitchens, etc.

While reviewing the specification sheets of the VS21s and the TH118XLs, they appear to be very similar, however, different in size.

How would the Bassboss system compare to the Danley system as I am a "buy once, cry once" kind of guy.
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David Lee
In comparison to our SSP118, the VS21 undoubtedly provides greater low frequency extension, punch, and SPL. In the field, the VS21 performance nears the SPL of the SSP218 due to it's design efficiency.
The VS21 holds +/-3dB from 90Hz to 25Hz.  The Danley exhibits a 10dB drop from 35hz to 25Hz and a 12db output drop at 25Hz from the it's average output which is consistent in the 50Hz to 100Hz area.  Ultimately, the VS21 is more accurate and capable in terms of "subwoofer" duty, as it's hybrid design provides the best of both worlds in terms of low frequency extension and punch/impact.  
The Danley requires separate amplification, processing, and end user tuning.  Like the SSP118, the VS21 is a plug and play self contained affair that is fully processed by us, yielding: ease of setup, maximum performance, and unrelenting reliability.  While the Danley maybe able to squeak out a few more SPL in certain frequencies, the cost factor is much higher than any solution in BASSBOSS.  Simply put our products will yield way more SPL, musical energy, and musical accuracy on a dollar to dollar basis.  On a cabinet to cabinet basis, we offer ease, accuracy, reliability, and better full spectrum SPL.
I am confident in a side by side comparison with a wide range of music the VS21 would be the victor. Considering the cost differential, a comparison of two VS21s vs one TH118XL comparison is simply no contest.
Another advantage of VS21 would be it's potential coupling with the SSP118s.  The majority of our subs pair or couple very well together due to our phase and time alignment within our Signature DSP.  By sticking with BASSBOSS, the SSPs and VS21s can be deployed together for greater output as larger events dictate.
Onward to the SM80 vs the DV12s.  The SM80 will 100 percent required deployment of a subwoofer as it is -10db at 110Hz and -3dB at 140Hz.
The DV12 is cable of delivering 120dB down to 45Hz and 126dB in the 80 / 100Hz and up mode.  Essentially, the DV12 yields way more flexibility. For very small events, the DV12s can stand on their own, no need to drag the subs along.  Folks that experience a DV12 demo in full range mode cannot believe a subwoofer is not assisting, it is incredible. 
For larger events, the DV12s can totally hang with the output of the SM80s.  In one of my outdoor demos, I ran four VS21s and four SSP118s simultaneously with a single pair of DV12s, and the DV12 kept up quite well. Their power is unreal.  The DV12 also offers 120 degrees of horizontal cover, which has proven to cover rooms significantly better than the majority of 80 degree cabs.
The SM80 also suffers from the same issues as the TH118XL - Greater expense, external amplification, external processing, end user tuning, more complex and time consuming setup.  Like our subs, the signature DSP in the DV12 yields studio accuracy at event level SPL and a plug and play affair.  The dollar proposition of the SM80, may also lend itself to the consideration of our AT212 series mains if greater SPL is required.
Couple all of these benefits with our 30day trial guarantee period, BASSBOSS is a no brainer.
I agree with the buy once, cry once moto, but no need to pay a label tax and a setup tax or spend more to get less.

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Thank you David for the quick response and I most likely will be going to this route.  Questions...  1. The SSP118 amp has a Powercon out (grey), however the photos of the VS21 do not show the same.  Is there a reason for this as it makes powering a powered top such as the DV12 from that output a cleaner setup.  2. Most of today's subs utilize a M20 screw in for sub poles while yours are using cups.  The cup approach still allows more wobble than the screw in type and buying the K&M Distance Rod with the expansion option would add more cost.  Is there an option to use either when ordering as I already have the screw in poles?
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