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I currently run 4 TRX218 Carvin subs running 2000 watts per box. How would just 2 of your boxes compare to the Carvin boxes?

They are 10 years old and still bumpin...

Darren T.
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Hi Darren,

I downloaded the Carvin specifications and copied their response curve into my LMS for a relatively accurate comparison of the responses at 1 watt. I assumed they used 2V into 4 ohms rather than 2.83V. I used an unfiltered, unprocessed 2V graph of the ZV28 because I'm assuming they also measured without filters.

As you can see, there is a significant (7dB) difference at 30Hz. This difference will get bigger if the Carvin requires a 30Hz HPF because that will pull 30Hz down by another 3dB. The ZV28 HPF is set at 20Hz, leaving the response you see the response you get in the field. Based on my experiences measuring other boxes, I expect the differences will be even greater at high power.

To answer your question as plainly as possible, I believe that 2 of the ZV28 would closely match the performance of 4 of the TRX boxes above 35Hz and would deliver more output in the lowest ranges. I would need to do a maximum output test on the TRX2218 to say how much for sure.

When I do maximum output tests, I use a calibrated microphone and measure absolute (not relative) levels. My measurements of competing boxes tend to show lower levels than their published SPL specifications. This could be due to the short-term nature of their measurements relative to mine, it could be due to the publication of "calculated" SPL output numbers instead of measured, or it could be the their peak SPL numbers are derived outside the operating band of the loudspeaker. I mention this to point out that my specifications are conservative.

The TRX2218 is priced so low that it's hard to beat for value. That said, the ZV28 is an extraordinary value if you're looking for massive output in the very lowest frequencies. It also allows moving a smaller amount of gear, which can add up to a lot of value over time. I'm very curious to measure a TRX2218 to find out how many it would take to match a ZV28 at 30Hz...

David Lee

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BASSBOSS Questions
Very nice info... I use these 99% of the time for live sound... I use a yamaha subkick mic and it really like sub low frequencies.

I think these would work well for what I use them for... 
thank you.
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